Sputnik Löbl

When I was very young I was encouraged to draw, paint, find things, make things and be creative. There was always plenty of materials around that I could use and of course so many other things one can find in nature such as bark, leaves, feathers and rocks.

I started to work with pottery and had around two years of classes with a close friend of the family and absolutely loved it. Making three dimensional objects was really different to drawing or painting and it opened up another door for me.

Self portrait acrylic and gold leaf 1999

When I was around 11 years old we went to Europe and travelled. One of the places that had a profound impact on me was visiting "The Louvre" opening my eyes to the combination of architecture, painting and sculpture.

In my teenage years I spent many hours making things with my friend Linnie, wherever we went our bags came too filled with pencils, art supplies and paper. We would just find a great place to sit pull everything out and go for it. We would draw, write and discuss all of our awesome ideas of which we had so many.

At the age of eighteen I travelled to India and lived there for the next four years and this period of my life effected me like nothing else before on many levels.

Again just like Europe the paintings, architecture and sculpture blew my mind out. India was filled with so much colour, no matter where you were and what you were looking at it was all full of colour, texture and design. It was a period where I drew for the love of it and nothing else. I was so inspired by the people and of course the creativity in India was endless, everything was just so inspiring.

So here I am after so many years I have put my energy and a lot of time into so many different art genres including animation, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, sewing, printing, painting and tattooing. I've not kept all of my artwork but I've gathered a few bits and pieces and they appear on retrospective for you to see. This body of artwork spans back to when I was 14 and covers many years.

I've been very inspired lately by by the new art coming out by so many young people, putting it out there for all to share, the internet is a great medium. It has definitely inspired me to document my art as I am working on it. I'd love to hear from you so get in touch by email or phone, Sputnik.